otc trading

Apr 16

Otc trading

79. The Difference Between Over the Counter (OTC) and Exchange-Based Markets otc trading.

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If you feel the stock has been marked untradeable in error, please contact us at support@robinhood.com

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Available Securities Overview

You can trade over 5,000 securities on Robinhood, including most U.S. equities and exchange trade funds (ETFs) listed on major U.S. exchanges.

We do not yet support the following, but hope to in the future:

*Certain foreign domiciled securities are tradable on Robinhood. These include the securities of companies domiciled in Canada and Israel that trade above .

Low Priced Securities

Some securities and ETFs that trade on Robinhood may be considered low-priced securities. Low-priced securities or "penny stocks" generally refer to securities issued by very small companies that trade at less than per share.

Investing in low-priced securities is considered speculative and involves considerable risk. Please see our Low-Priced Securities Disclosure for more information click here.

Pre-Market and After-Market Trading

Currently, Robinhood Gold supports trading during pre-market and after-market hours (9:00am EST to 6:00pm EST) on trading days. 

Robinhood will display after-hours price changes once the market closes. The percent change displayed for a stock after-hours is the stock’s closing price. In addition, market buy orders placed after-hours will use the closing price of the stock as the reference price, not the current price in the after-hours market.

Prices will reset to the current price once the market opens the following trading day. Keep in mind that certain holidays in the United States are not considered trading days. 

Delisted Securities

Before a company can begin trading on an exchange, it must meet certain initial requirements or "listing standards". Exchanges (NYSE or NASDAQ) each set their own standards for listing and continuing to trade a security. A security may be delisted if it does not meet the requirements of its particular exchange.

Delisted securities will trade Over The Counter (OTC). Since Robinhood does not currently support OTC trading, when securities that you own on Robinhood are delisted they will be set to liquidating only. This means that you will be able to sell the shares you hold but not purchase more.

Orders placed on delisted securities will execute based on the current market price of the security regardless of if the app displays that updated price. In these cases, you will need to find stock quotes elsewhere. 

IPO (Initial Public Offerings)

Robinhood currently does not offer access to pre-IPO shares, given the regulatory complexity and illiquidity of the market. We do our best to mark new stocks as tradeable the day of the IPO. You will not be able to execute extended-hours trades on the day of a security’s IPO.

Untradeable Securities

Stocks may not be searchable or appear as “Untradeable” on Robinhood for a few reasons:

If you feel the stock has been marked untradeable in error, please contact us at support@robinhood.com

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otc trading